the word love

So you are in a relationship and the first word you hear is I love you. that’s great but what is love. and what does it

mean. can i just say that this word is used alot. and many times people dont love others they just say it to make themselfs

look good so lets go over the meaning love. love should mean i care for you I want to be with you i love who you are i want to

be with you. this is what love is and should mean. so how do we start showing love. let me say its by kindness you words

your actions should show that you love this person. so please friends go out and be kind to someone. the lord has said

we must love everyone yes even our enemy’s. so follow the master and do what he has asked us to do. until next time

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It has been along time since I have done a post for this blog but I want to share with you some thoughts that have come to me. when we are talking about Relationships Trust must be in play.

“a minute worth of listening is worth a lot more than a hour of talk” John C Maxwell leadership author and expert has said. Many times we focus on the things we want when was the last time

we tried to understand how someone might feel. Next time look at someone really look and see is there something on their mind. or Bothering them, if so talk to them. listen to them

hear what they need to tell you. a wise man will listen a foolish man will talk. build your relationship on trust when you get to know the person than you will be happier. have them lean

on you. be a friend they want you to listen to them. they love you do you love them. than shut up and listen. i am sorry I have to be blunt but that is the way I do things. my Job is to train

not to babysit. brothers and sisters friends trust must be built do it now do it today. you wont regret you did. Thankyou -Carl

Home run!

This next post is about most people favorite topic. Home Run and we are not talking about baseball. but lets use baseball as a example there is 1st base their is second base and third than home run. as much as I love baseball. I need to talk to you about the runs when coming to kissing. so lets begin shall we and we are going to keep this G rated. I am not going to go into details of how to have sex. if you want somone to go into details. than ask somebody like your parents or somone close to you. about sex. and what sex is. I want to note alot of our younger people today do not put thought if or when they are going to do it they just do it.

let me first explain making out than Sex. so when you kiss you are at 1st base 2end base is alot more kissing and taking off your shirt.

3rd base is taking off other clothes and home run is sex. so we know what sex is thats great. but why should you wait. because its the right thing to do. many times couples well sleep togather and not think about the outcome before, and so many  people who are kids have kids. and those kids are not raised in good homes. but more a bad enviroment. guys please wait. think of your body as  a gift from god. think of it as a place to hold sacred. please wait. if the person is right they will wait for you. its like the apple. the apple may be good on the outside. but it maybe bad on the inside. so instead of taking part in something that you dont know is bad. wait and that person will love you even. more until next time when we talk about the relationship and dateing phase please stay tune to part 3 when we talk about having a good relationship and what to do when dateing and steps to take. thankyou -Carl



The kiss

so in this blog we will talk about the kiss. We see it all the time in movies the

kiss.guys kissing girls. and girls kissing guys. guys kissing guys and girls

kissing girls. let me first talk on the topic of being gay. I dont believe that being

gay is right. i dont accept it and I wont. In the beginning it was not not adam and

steve it was adam and eve. it did not say in the bible man and man started life it

was woman and men. not man and man and not woman and woman. even though

I dont agree with it. I am not going to Judge either. its up to them and God. for

those that dont accept it. thats fine but dont Judge them do not hate them. we

are all children of God. and that means the  Gays as well.  Now on another note men and Woman! when should you kiss them. I can tell you it not after a pick up line. and its never after you say something mean. but when is the question. I will tell you I cannot say. but use common sense. I would say never kiss on a first date. this is bad and not useing your head. i would say third. and how long.

a 6 sec kiss. would do just fine. count it. longer is called making out. and making out leads to other things which will be discussed in my next blog. so guys use common sense. woman are not objects. they are not toys. you men can use whenever. but daughters of god. treat them like queens. and you woman two things respect yourself. hold yourself at a high standard and dont let men take advantage of you. next in my next blog we will explore the topic. Sex and making out. when is sex okay and when is it not. and my feelings on this topic until next time. take care of yourself and each other -Carl


Today I want to talk about the word Respect. but also we will be talking about your thoughts. lets begin with thoughts. let me first talk to the men. Guys do you often see a woman by who has nice skin and nice body. and your thoughts are i want them they are so hot. you see only with your minds. but do you get to know

them? its like a apple the apple can be nice on the outside but whats in the inside.

is it nasty and rotten. we need to be careful with our thoughts. we also need to be careful what we say. we dont want to come off as pig. who prey on anything we see. but we need to take time to study them out. and not with our eyes. but get to know who they are this is the best i can give you. keep your minds pure. they are sons and daughters. and for you woman. respect yourself. be in mind who you date and fall in love with. are they controlling the people you are dateing if so how do they treat you. you to need to be of high standing. watch what you wear. you must love yourself. and than somone will come . in my next blog i will talk about the kiss and the first kiss and when its okay. and when it is not okay. and what a kiss means until next time -Carl or Cj Reneman


so lets talk about the whole rejection process of dateing. so you like this girl or guy and you ask them out. but they say no. its either they are dateing somone or

they are busy. one out of two. so what do you do. i would say just move on.

so dwell on the rejection yes its painful yes you are hurt. but whats the point on dwelling. let me give you another example a story. so i liked this girl i asked her on a date she says yes. latet that week the day before she calls and says i cant go

on the date. my manager said i cannot date customers. whatever i thought. its true this could be the case. but i doubt it. so if she or he lies to you. that tells you more about them. but did i get over it yes. but i did not dwell on it. its better to move on and not dwell on the past. next blog we will talk about respecting woman. and not just their bodies. and just someone call him or her

hot. and think what can i get from them until next monday-Cj

1st date

I  talked about getting the number and not useing pickup lines. now lets talk about the 1st date. as funny as this subject may be. it may be the. most

important one. one thing to know 1st date does not mean she or he is your lover. you guys  are just friends at this point. so what should you do

on a first date. i always recommend guys asking the girls out. its more meaningful that way. so when a guy goes on his 1st date always be on time.

never be late. now why is that important. it means you care. and want to make a first impression.  of a 1st date like a job interview.

you would never be late on the interview. so dont be late for the date. girls are mainly the ones to judge if the relationship is going to work.

tip number 2 girls take forever to get ready. so dont be mad or impatient just wait. number 2 when you go out to your car open the door

for her. girls love this. this means you are a good first date. now i recommend dont do a movie take her to dinner. dont do fastfood. thats

cheap and thats wrong. should aways be a sit down diner. than listen to her make her smile. dont laugh at her. or make comments that will make

her feel awkward. remember. what she tells you is between you and her. and also tip 3 dont talk about your past relationships. and dont

play with your cell phone. or worse dont make things up and lie to her. thats it. and remember no kissing on the first date. maybe 3rd  or 4th

but not on the 1st date. thats it for now. in my next post we will talk about the rejection. or her canceling a date on you. until next time -Cj

Dateing phase 2

welcome back to dateing phase two i hope you enjoyed your break i know I did.

so lets get to phase 2 dateing. there is so much to dateing i dont know where to begin. in this blog  i will give you some  tips you can use to get a date and than in our next post we will talk about the first date.what to do and what not to do!

lets begin! is there a girl or guy you like do you think they may like you. perhaps they have been talking to you for awhile. or you have a crush. so what do you do.

you take action. dont let them slip away so first what you need to do is get there number. numbers are important you call them that week to arrange a date. make sure you call them that week. now what you should do is put their number in your phone. and  keep it there. than plan something fun. another thing you should not do is dont use pick up lines these are lame. sometimes they work others not as thats the first tip. next week we will talk about the whole first date until next time -Cj

looking forward

Looking forward:


For the last while we have been talking about relationships. Today one of the things I wanted to talk

About is looking forward. What does it mean to look forward.  Let me give you examples.  Best ways

To explain things are by examples. Many of us have  had good and bad relationships. And perhaps we dwell on the bad more than good. I urge you to take a look inside your heart. And you will find happiness. Don’t dwell on what was dwell on what is and can be. Until next time-Cj


Use Honey:


Hello my dear friends let  me ask you have you ever said anything hurtful to anyone.

Or perhaps someone said something to you that was not nice. How did you react. Many times

Say things to people and we don’t  think how the other party might feel. Judge not lest ye be judged

Said lincolin. If you look at lincolins life. Here was  a man that at first did not treat people with kindness.

But over time he learned his lesson and became a master at people sklll. Christ was perhaps

The only person who understood this principle and lived it. He taught love others. Many people

Did not understand this in his day. But its true love others. And others will love you. In closeing


I would just like to remind you to follow a simple rule. Treat others how you want to be treated.

Until next time-Cj